Why leveling up in the marketing game is important.

Who doesn’t love a good game show? At some point, I am sure you sat at home on a lazy day and watched the Game Show Network, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, etc. You know you have…. so just admit it.  

Imagine This…

What if there was a game show designed for marketers to go up against each other in order to find out who knows their customers best? The competing marketers would have to demonstrate their knowledge of buyer behavior, market segmentation, and ways to identify who the right customers are for the message that they are transmitting. At the end of this game show, the winner would reap all the rewards of being THE MOST successful business for the entire year – in whatever way they classify success i.e. whether in profits, growth, prominence, number of followers, etc.  

Although there isn’t such a game show (at least to my knowledge), marketing does kind of require
a “game”. One where you must play it the right way, in order to reach the correct audience and to achieve the company’s goals that lead to the marketing plan in the first place. I liken marketing to a game because, just like a game, successful marketing requires researching, learning, problem-solving, strategizing, playing on different levels, and getting to know the players in the game – i.e. their characteristics, their behaviors, their capabilities, their values, their culture, and what makes them tick.

Every technique does not work on every level of the game.

As with games, marketing is not a one size fits all type of outfit. Your efforts and the message that you send out will change based on the level of the game because you have different players at each level with their own behaviors, cultures, and intentions. That is why it is important to utilize segmentation in order to break down your target audience into smaller, more reachable, groups so that you can transmit more tailored messages, thereby finding a faster route to eliciting the desired action (the end to the means).

Simply put…

You must level up in order to reach different segments – including those that overlap. The marketing game is not black and white… it’s gray. You have to also ensure that once you utilize segmentation you have a clear understanding of what are the aspects of your business that you are promoting, how your products and services can meet the genuine wants and needs of the customers, how it can be of value to customers, and how your products and services differ from everything else out there. Taking the time to figure all of this out when playing the marketing game will lead to more successful marketing outcomes.

Now that you know that marketing can be like a game… go out there, play the marketing game, and remember that you always have to level up!

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