Why Consumer Behavior Research is important for decision making.

As individuals and consumers, several factors influence how and why we decide to purchase goods and services. These factors determine how we behave, and how we behave is valuable information for any company because it can help them to determine what decisions we will make and, therefore, how they can successfully market to us.

As business owners and marketers, it is important to understand these consumer behaviors and use that information to determine how best to influence our customers to complete the customer journey with us. Since you now know that understanding consumer behavior is important, the next step is to understand that it is unwise to make consumer-related business decisions based purely on intuition. We should instead utilize scientific consumer behavior research to guide our decisions.

Consumer Behavior Research utilizes many forms of human-related studies such as anthropology, psychology, sociology, etc., and then facilitates various types of quantitative and qualitative research to gather data. This data becomes very useful in helping us as business owners and marketers to determine how we can reach our target audience at different stages of the buyer decision process, and encourage them to take the desired action (i.e., the conversion) based on how we have learned that they behave.

So you see, knowing how our customers behave (why they make the choices they do, when do they make the choices, how they make the choice, what makes them tick, etc.) enables us to market to them in a way that increases the chances of them making the desired action.

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