What this popular brand did right with its digital and social media marketing efforts.

In 2018 when Land Rover celebrated its 70th Anniversary, it launched several ads that showcased the longevity of the brand, their durability, capabilities, luxury, and they even released a special 70th Anniversary Land Rover Defender (very limited amounts of course, and not available in the US). What Land Rover also did was to begin a series of videos called “Well Storied”. These videos feature real Land Rover vehicle owners who share a little about their lives, how their Land Rover fits into their lives, and how and why this brand suits them. These videos are available to watch on various social media outlets and as well as the Land Rover website’s “Explore Ownership” page.

To highlight what Land Rover did right, let me first talk about the 6 Principles of Persuasion so that you have a better idea of why I say they did something right.

The 6 Principles of Persuasion

The 6 Principles of Persuasion by psychologist Dr. Robert Cialdini teaches us how we can persuade others to perform the desired action that we set our marketing goals for. Being able to persuade our audience is unbelievably valuable for us as marketers, business owners, and just humans. The 6 principles are:

  1. Reciprocity – people tend to want to do for others that have done something for them.
  2. Scarcity – when something is rare, exclusive, or thought to be hard to get, people tend to want it more.
  3. Authority – people tend to value what trustworthy experts say and suggest.
  4. Consistency/Commitment – people tend to want to act in ways that are consistent with how they typically behave and thy want to commit to something i.e. they do not want to be seen as indecisive or 2-sided.
  5. Liking – people tend to like people who are like them and who like what they like, and therefore would be more likely to agree to a request from someone that they like.
  6. Consensus/Social Proof –  people have a desire to follow the lead of others like them.


What Land Rover did right.

With the ads that Land Rover launched for their 70th Anniversary, they utilized the consistency/commitment principle of persuasion as they showed customers that over 70 years they have continued to make high quality and durable vehicles that owners continue to love year after year, due to the durability and performance capabilities mixed with luxury.

What they did very right with the Well Stored line of videos was to use the liking, authority, and consensus/social proof principles of persuasion. These stories by owners enable in-market customers (possibly at the interest, consideration, or purchase stage of the buyer’s journey) to see what it is like to own, to find inspiration, to see that people like them are owners, to learn from the experts (actual owners), to find other owners with similar likes and lifestyles, and to experience a sense of community and belonging. These series of videos did well by letting the owners tell their personal story so that the brand is more relatable to new customers, versus, if the brand attempted to tell stories about what their research tells them is the reason why customers purchase their vehicles. The latter would be less impactful and less relatable.


It is always a great idea to find out what about your brand you want to share with your audience and then determine how best you can persuade your audience to engage with and support your brand. Using these principles of persuasion can help you to achieve your marketing goals and can help you to gain lifelong customers, much like it has helped Land Rover to do.

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