The social media platform that is right for you.

Choosing a social media platform for displaying your business/brand does not mean you have to pick one and forfeit all others. Choosing a platform should instead include you deciding which would be the best platform to display your content and business/brand – based on the format of your content or offerings of goods/services, where your target audience spends the bulk of their time, and how your target audience prefers to receive content/offerings – while also continuing to have a presence and engage on other platforms as well. The goal should be for your business/brand to be found on as many platforms as possible.

Below is a quick overview of a few of the most popular social media platforms to help you decide which would be the best platforms for you.


  • Business page
  • Content: pictures, text, links, video, stories, and live.
  • Groups – for affinity audiences and allows for a captive audience.
  • Facebook Shopping
  • Ability to form a community where you can increase connections and relationships with customers.
  • More organic engagement.
  • Advertising across services and hyper-targeting of customers based on their interests and engagement.


  • Second largest search engine (following Google).
  • Content: Videos
  • Billions of videos are watched daily.
  • Increased reach.
  • More affordable than placing TV ads.
  • More customers prefer online video content over live TV.
  • Increased SEO
  • Increased referrals and conversion rates.
  • Ability to have original content and benefit from advertising on your channel.


  • Business Page
  • Content: Pictures, videos, stories, live, and Reels (IG’s version of TikTok).
  • Increased engagement with photos (more than on any other platform).
  • Instagram Shopping
  • Integrated with Facebook Business for promotions and advertising.


  • Microblogging
  • Content: 280 characters max words, photos, videos, animated GIFs, and links.
  • Instant news with current happenings from around the world.
  • Facilitates social listening – what’s trending about your brand, industry, customer reviews, etc.
  • Facilitates organic connections and conversations with customers.


  • Business to Business
  • Professional networking
  • Leadership and group.
  • Content: pictures, videos, and links.

Other popular platforms include Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit, and TikTok.

Each platform has its share of demographic users and, in some cases, allows for different forms of content. You should attempt to establish your presence on all of these platforms because you may be able to reach audiences you never knew existed for your business/brand, and it also helps to build brand awareness, relationships with customers, and expand your overall social media marketing efforts.   

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