The planned behavioral factor you should focus on.

As mentioned in last week’s post, several factors influence consumers’ intentions to perform certain behaviors. Now that you know more about these factors, how can you determine which one is the most influential factor?

To determine which factor is the most influential, you would need to conduct surveys to find out your target audiences’ attitude towards the action (favorable or unfavorable), subjective norm beliefs (social pressure influence), and perceived behavioral control. You would then need to conduct statistical analysis on survey results to determine which of the factors have the highest influence on consumer intentions to perform the desired behavior. This statistical analysis is best left up to the professionals (yourself as a marketer with those skills, your marketing department, or marketing research firm). What is important for you to do is note which factor has the weighted highest influence then determine, based on the average rating for that factor, what marketing strategies you would need to implement to improve on that area. For example, if subjective norms have high influence but a low average rating in the survey, it would be important to develop marketing strategies that will increase the positive social pressure that the consumers feel about performing the desired behavior.

Knowing which Theory of Planned Behavior factor is most influential will help you to develop strategies geared towards improving those areas, thereby increasing the outcomes of your marketing efforts.

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