The Digital Marketing Environment And Demand For Marketing Services.

The digital marketing environment and analyzing demand for marketing services.

When you think about digital marketing, you probably think more about the strategies to be successful such as how to increase awareness and reach, how to market effectively your consumers, how to convince them that you are the best choice to fulfill their needs and wants. However, have you ever thought about the digital marketing environment and how it impacts your digital marketing strategies?

The lines between online and offline digital marketing are often blurred, with digital not necessarily always referring to online-only content. So, the digital marketing environment refers to elements that impact a company’s overall performance and outcomes in the digital marketing world. According to Dr. Dave Chaffey, the digital marketing environment is made up of two components:

  1. The Micro-Environment – which includes key players whose presence and actions shape the immediate trading environment for the company. These players are the customers that you are trying to reach, the competitors, and every party in the supply chain.
  2. The Macro-Environment – which includes all the external and broader things that impact all companies in the market, such as nature, politics, technology, social and economic influences, etc.


To be successful in digital marketing, you need to understand the behaviors and influences of the players in the micro- and macro-environment and how they impact your business. This understanding will help you to develop effective strategies, including strategies that can be used to analyze the demand for digital marketing services. For example, you could analyze the demand for digital marketing services by looking at current trends and the target market’s use of and benefit from digital channels, then use that knowledge to determine the market’s potential engagement with the company’s digital marketing strategies – increased engagement and use leads to increased desirable outcomes.

The ability to understand the digital marketing environment, the impact it has on digital marketing strategies, and using that understanding to develop strategies for analyzing digital marketing demand, will help to improve the favorable outcomes of your digital marketing efforts.

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