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As children, we loved bedtime stories, hearing stories from our parents and grandparents, stories from friends…. All kinds of stories. As adults, this has not changed. We still love stores, but more in the form of movies, TV series, Reality shows, etc. The reason why we love stories is that they enchant us, they allow us to dream and live vicariously, they involve us, we see ourselves in the characters, we have similar experiences like the characters are having, they spark our curiosity, they leave us feeling connected, leave us feeling emotional (whether happy, sad, excited, angry or any other possible emotion), and most of all…. feeling human.   

Knowing what we know about our experiences through stories and what we value about stories, why wouldn’t we think that our audience has the same experience and values placed on stories as well? They do… because they are humans just as we are.

What this means is that as business owners and marketers living in a world of Social Media where we sometimes feel more distanced than connected, we should involve storytelling in or efforts to help to develop a strong emotional connection with our audience.

A few ways to accomplish this is by:

  1. Telling the story of how your company was founded, such as what sparked the idea to start the company, and any struggles that you overcame or any good fortune that you were blessed with that enabled the company to be where it is today.
  2. Telling stories about employees, their roles, their personal stories, how much you value them, and the team spirit.
  3. Telling stories about your customers’ experiences and how your brand is a part of their life.
  4. Telling stories about how you fulfill your corporate responsibility such as through charitable giving, community service, etc.

Storytelling is a very powerful tool that can have very beneficial results because it enables a company to be more relatable to the audience, it allows the audience to see themselves in the story, and it allows the company to be perceived as more human-like, much like the people who are needed to enable the company to function. Without these things, customers cannot see how a company or brand relates to them, and this leaves them feeling detached and without any feeling of loyalty.

So, to tie it all together – We love stories because of how we connect with stories and how they make us feel, so use that to connect with your company/brand’s target audience to give them that benefit as well.

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