Show your customers the value that they can get when they support your business.

You currently run a small family-owned business, but the goal is not for it to be small forever. You have grand plans of this small business one day becoming a household name, while still maintaining the values and beliefs that it was founded upon, and also while continuing to operate at a high standard that your customers will get to know and love.    

To begin this journey, you will first have to understand that communication is extremely important in marketing and can make or break any business, regardless of size.

Second: You must ensure that you are effectively communicating to your customers by highlighting the aspects of your products and services that will translate to value or be beneficial for them. Don’t worry, it has to be beneficial for you as well … but that’s another post.

Since every customer is different, they, therefore, find value in things in different ways. That is, the same item can be valuable to one person yet has no value to another, or the same item can be valuable to both, but each person finds a different value in it. You will have to identify what that perceived value is to your customers, and then be intentional with your marketing messages so that it conveys that identified value/benefit to them. For example: in your small, family-owned business you would need to ensure that in your current state (of being small), you focus on providing high-quality products and services, set that as a standard, and maintain those standards. This way, as you grow into a large company your customers can continue to expect the high quality you started out with since the beginning. People go to places like Starbucks because they know that it doesn’t matter the location, they will still get the same quality products, the same atmosphere, the same pricing, and therefore the hope of the same value each time.  

Third: With a small, family-owned business, one aspect that you should focus on is the “family”. When customers think of family-owned businesses, they think of something made with love, attention to detail, something multi-generational, legacy, and of good quality because, after all, it represents an entire family name. This would evoke emotions in your customers – possibly of their own families, a family bond, and togetherness. Evoking emotions is a good way to build a strong connection with your customers. This would keep them coming back and referring your business to other potential customers.  

When you are marketing your small, family-owned business you should look at things from the perspective of the customer and ask yourself “why would I support this business?”. This will help you to identify how best to communicate with your customers and what channels of communication would be best suited to convey your message. Regardless of the brand, the message, the way the message is being distributed, or the audience, the most important thing in marketing is communication and doing so effectively.

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