Issues to consider when developing a content strategy.

When developing a content management strategy for your company’s/brand’s website and social media, there are some issues to consider that will help you to create better content that is more appealing and engaging for your customers.

When you think about a content management strategy you might be thinking…“But I’m not a content creator like those people on YouTube, so why do I need one?”. That is a good question. However, content is not only created by YouTubers or public figures, etc. Content refers to all the text, media, audio, video information that you share with your target audience to achieve set goals for your business/brand. Therefore, you, as a business owner/brand, also create content and you need a good content management strategy that has considerations for issues that could arise because these can impact your ability to achieve your goals for audience reach, engagement, and conversion.

Now that you know you are also a content creator when developing a content strategy, it is important to consider the following issues:

  1. The quality of your content – is it engaging and compelling and is it superior quality writing?
  2. Do you have a calendar or process for scheduling the delivery of content and software tools to facilitate this process?
  3. Are you investing in quantitative and qualitative research to find out what content (related to your business goals) will your audience likely engage with?
  4. Are you accurately tracking the effectiveness of your content based on audience engagement?
  5. Have you audited your content using measurable techniques to determine what formats and types meet the needs of your audience and the business?
  6. Have you displayed content in a manner that is easy for a user to quickly scan through to and gather the most valuable information?
  7. Is your content formatted to fit different device types, especially mobile devices since they are more widely used by audiences in today’s digital era?

While there are many other things to consider when developing a content strategy, starting with the areas mentioned above will give you a good base to work from and you can continue to improve on areas as the need arises.

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