How to keep customers’ attention after you’ve gained it.

You put all the hard work into identifying the optimal target segment for your brand and then developing marketing strategies that will capture the attention of your market segments. Now that you have got their attention, here are a few ways that you can keep it.


  1. Increase your customers’ exposure to your brand – ways you can do this include increasing the amount of content and ads that your brand puts out (but of course not in a way that will become overbearing or annoying to your customers), and increasing positioning, placement, and timing of your content and ads.
  2. Reduce distraction – when presenting marketing material, regardless of the delivery, you should reduce distraction. So if you are posting content, using a billboard, or sending direct mail, you should reduce the clutter and distractions in the ad itself so that the message you are trying to convey does not get miscommunicated or misunderstood.
  3. Change the stimuli – as the cliché goes “familiarity breeds contempt”. The more your customers encounter your marketing tactics (the stimuli), the more familiar they get with it, and the less captivating and convincing it becomes over a period. You can change the stimuli by changing packaging, changing ads, making your ads novel, surprising, and unexpected, and ensuring that your strategies are pleasant. These steps will help you to re-capture the audience’s attention and keep it and could even help to separate you from competitors.
  4. Make it relevant – use storytelling to make your marketing strategies relevant to your audience. This allows your audience to see themselves in the situation and see how, if they use your brand, they can find a resolution to their dilemma.
  5. Use emotions – storytelling and use of strategies that elicit pleasant emotions are the best ways to form a strong connection with your audience. This will help with improved attention to anything that your brand puts out and helps with maintaining the audience’s attention.

While these are not the only ways to keep your target audience’s attention focused on your brand, these are good places to start.


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