Here is what determines how consumers behave.

Here is what determines how consumers behave.

Knowing that intentions to perform a task can vary and the way consumers behave, as a result of those intentions, it is important to have some understanding of factors that influence intentions and therefore behaviors. Factors that influence how a consumer intends to behave are explained through the Theory of Planned Behavior.

The Theory of Planned Behavior includes the following factors that predict intentions to perform behaviors.

  1. Behavioral Attitudes – this refers to the way we feel about things such as a brand, and attribute of an item, a behavior, an action, etc. This can be favorable or unfavorable.
  2. Subjective Norms – this refers to how we feel that others feel about a thing, and how the feelings of others impact our performance of the behavior. E.g. If you wanted to go on a humanitarian trip over spring break but all your friends plan on going to an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean this would lower your intention to go on the humanitarian trip.
  3. Perceived Behavioral Control – this refers to how much control we believe that we have over an action based on ease or difficulty. E.g. if we want to get fit, do we believe that the power is within us to do it/ do we believe that we can be successful in doing so.

Why is it important to predict consumer behaviors?

It is important to use data to understand the three factors above so that we can predict consumer intentions and therefore behavior. This prediction enables us as marketers and business owners to influence the purchase and post-purchase stages of the buyer journey. Being able to influence consumers at the purchase stage facilitates greater conversions and in the post-purchase stage allows us to improve customer satisfaction and influence repeat purchases.

The attitudes about behaviors, the subjective norms, and the perceived control of behavior are factors that greatly impact purchase decisions. Therefore, it is imperative that as marketers and business owners we learn what these are for our target audience so that we can effectively influence the buyer journey.

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