Emotions – Do they play a role in customer decisions?

I will always remember a TV commercial I saw many years ago that said “scent is the strongest sense tied to memory”. It was an Old Spice ad from over 10 years ago and, although I could not locate it to link to this post, I still remember it to this day. You may ask why that is important. It is important because that ad got me thinking about all the amazing smells that I love and the different ways they make me feel. The ad elicited emotions that, to the present-day, cause me (when I think about a men’s line of products) to think about Old Spice and, when I decide to make a purchase, to purchase Old Spice.

How did one ad do that?

The ad triggered emotions and that is why it was effective. Emotions about the attributes of a product play a large role in customer decisions and are strong enough to make a customer either decide to go with a brand (if the emotions are favorable) or to avoid a brand (if the emotions are unfavorable). Knowing this, you need to take the time to understand your target audience, understand the emotions that your brand evokes in them, and understand how to best use and expand on those favorable emotions to realize greater outcomes.


Emotions are strong enough to make a customer loyal to your brand and vice versa. So, my advice is: do not underestimate the power of emotions and learn how to use them to your advantage. Make your customers feel favorable emotions when they think about your brand and also get to know the main emotions that customers feel about your brand so you can focus on strengthening those areas to continue to add value for your customers.

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