Do your customers know that they need you?

Do your customers know that they need you?

No matter how mature we become, we sometimes still need someone, or something, to give us a clue about what we need. At times it is because we know what we need but we just don’t know how to get it or even that it exists, and other times it is that we are truly unaware that we need something.

A couple of quotes to help you get the picture…

A quote that I’ve heard several times in the past, which is a modification of Steve Jobs’ quote, states “People don’t know what they want until they know what they can have, people don’t know what they can have until they know what’s available, and people don’t know what’s available until you show it to them.”

There’s also another quote, supposedly attributed to Henry Ford, that states “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”.  

How I interpret these quotes is that, as a business and a brand, we have a solemn duty to show our customers:

  • Our value.
  • How we can fulfill their needs (even the ones they did not know that they had).
  • The journey that our brand is taking them on and how their lives will improve with our brand.
  • What is at stake if they do not choose our brand.
  • What they could lose if they go with another brand.
  • How our brand can help them to avoid the consequences of going with a different brand that cannot provide what we can.
  • How we can assist them to be successful with whatever the transformation is that they seek.
  • How to take action to use our brand to fulfill their needs.

How we can do all of this.

Our brand can accomplish getting a clear message across to our customers – about all the benefits of our brand and the reasons to believe (RTBs) – by using storytelling. What storytelling does is it puts the customer in the position as the hero who has a dilemma, and our brand is the guide that can help them to navigate the treacherous landscape (i.e., the problems that they are facing that has disrupted their normalcy) by helping them to come up with a plan. This plan motivates their action which leads to them conquering their problems and, therefore, continue their reign as the heroes.

And that is how the story goes….

Using storytelling helps us to connect with our customers in a way the improves loyalty because they see how our brand can benefit them without us tooting, pushing, or forcing those benefits on them. We simply show them the story and let them see themselves as the hero riding off into the sunset.  


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