Can your brand withstand media transformation?

By now, it is clear that the marketing strategies and media from yesteryear have drastically changed and are no longer as effective, compared to newer approaches. To be more specific, in the 90s and the decades preceding, direct mail, direct selling, catalogs, magazines, and radio ads were the main marketing approaches used to get products and services in front of customers and to get them to engage with a brand. As technology led to the transformation of media, customers changed how they consumed information. This transformation led to increased consumption through TV ads, out-of-home (e.g. billboards, ads on vehicles, ads inside public areas, ads in public transportation such as buses and subways), the internet (websites), and internet advertising (e.g. SEO strategies and paid ads). Now, social media is a large contributor to media and how customers consume information.

But is your brand ready for the next media transformation?

If your brand is finally up to date with social media accounts and providing content and interaction through social media, are you ready to move to the next stage in media transformation – experiential marketing with artificial intelligence (A.I.), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR)? If your answer is no, there are some things you need to start working on before it is too late.            

Brands that fail to (or refuse to) adapt to the needs of customers, and how they consume media, get left behind. You must observe the trends and adapt how you provide media so that you can continue to engage with your customers based on how they consume information and continue to stay relevant.


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